Q: Do I own the images on the flash drive?

Dina Santos Photography retains all copyright, which leaves

the right to alter, edit, promote or sell an image exclusively with us.

However, limited printing rights are awarded with the flash drive

of digital images. You have the right to print up to 8x10

anywhere you would like!

Q: But Lyann, why can't I print my own 20x20 at, say,

Shutterfly, Walmart or Costco?

A: Dina Santos Photography cannot guarantee the quality

of paper, color and all the things that keep images looking the way they

do when I retouch them. In an effort to "control" quality, most pro photographers

do not even allow prints rights. Some won't even sell the flash drive! I know you want

the flash drive more than you want a poor-quality printed photo, so I continue

to offer it with limited printing rights. I also have wonderful pricing for

prints bigger than 8x10 and the quality is miles ahead

of anything you'll get at a low-end printer.